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Welcome. I am Dr. Jerome James Brainerd, the writer, editor, and owner of The Astrophysics Spectator. This web site is devoted to our current understanding of and research in astronomy and astrophysics. My goals in publishing these pages are to present current work to a scientifically-knowledgeable readership, to draw out the dominant themes that are encountered when one studies astronomy, and to present my opinions on the direction of research and the politics of modern science.

The Astrophysics Spectator is a web site about modern astrophysics. Here you will find articles on how astrophysical objects work and on current research efforts to more completely understand the universe. This web site is written for the reader who has some understanding of basic physics, but who is not familiar with the varied phenomena found in our universe.

Thank you for visiting The Astrophysics Spectator and we hope you learn a few things about the universe we live in! Peruse the site and explore our articles. You can start with clicking on Topics at the top menu or check out our past issues below. Enjoy!

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