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Other Pages

This page contains a list of index pages that do not have links in the link menu at the top of the page. Some of these indexes gather together pages that are spread among the topic survey paths. Other indexes provide archival links to obsolete pages. Several indexes provide additional information that may interest the reader.

Book Reviews

This index lists the reviews of books on astronomy and astrophysics that are on this web site. The books under review are aimed at the general public. The books under review cover a broad range of topics, such as historically significant works, atlases of the sky, and popular books on the more speculative corners of theoretical astrophysics.

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News Archive

While news in astrophysics is currently of secondary concern to this web site, on occasion a new item is sufficiently interesting to warrant discussion. These news items appear temporarily on the home page and permanently on the News Archive index page.

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Astronomical Tables

The tables found on this web site serve two purposes: they illustrate properties or trends of a set of objects, and they gather in one place information that may be scattered over a large number of books, articles, and web pages. The tables are accompanied by explanatory information and references and links to the sources of the information. Each table belongs to a specific topic survey path.

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The bibliography page presents references to books and articles used by the author in writing pages for this web site. The criteria for including a reference is its usefulness and currentness.

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Web Resources

This page lists web sites that provide useful or interesting information on astronomy and astrophysics. The list includes links to online magazines, government space agencies, home pages of astronomical spacecraft, and space science laboratories.

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Previous Issues

A new version of the home page appears every two weeks. The home page contains links to the latest additions to the web site. Each version of the home page constitutes an issue of The Astrophysics Spectator, and each is archived under the Previous Issues index page.

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